Design by Hand Exhibition

Posted on: 11th February 2013
Design by Hand Exhibition

Commercial design in the pre-digital age will be celebrated with a unique exhibition at Southampton Solent University’s Showcase Gallery.

Design by Hand features the work of a highly successful Edinburgh design studio before the advent of the computer. The exhibition covers Forth Studio’s work until the company – formed by Douglas Soder and John Martin in 1954 - was sold in 1989.

This stunning exhibition celebrates their hand-rendered art work through all its stages of development thanks to Forth Studios careful archiving and the Richard Demarco Archive.

The works have been chosen to show the studio's range of work and clients and to illustrate the design process from hand-rendered initial concepts and artworks to the early printing techniques.

The commercial artwork and illustrations produced by Forth Studios were strongly influenced by artists like Edward Bawden and John Minton, Paul Nash and FHK Henrion.

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