Love Beyond Measure: Web Design Students Build Interactive website

Posted on: 23rd January 2014
Love Beyond Measure: Web Design Students Build Interactive website

Love Beyond Measure is to be an artistic stage show produced by Alchemy, an exciting cultural programming team who work with visual arts, literature, drama, music, dance and artists from around the world and across the UK.

Love Beyond Measure is based on a favourite Punjab folktale ‘Sohni Mahiwal’; a tragic love story which tells the story of Sohni, a woman who is unhappily married and so swims every night across the river where her beloved Mehar herds Buffaloes.

The production is to feature animation by Jack Lockheart who's previous work has involved working with the Bradford City of Film on their Bradford's Armed Forces project.
Jack is to collaborate with The Working Academy to create an interactive website that will host the animation and tell the story depicted within the production, with hopes that the site will bring a new dimension to the stage show.

The completion of the website promises to raise the production's profile and gives an opportunity for the students to work on a real commissioned project.

The website is due to go live in Spring time. Alchemy's production is to begin its tour....