Bradford Angina Service

Posted on: 28th February 2014
Bradford Angina Service

Digital Media Working Academy students are currently working with clients from the ‘Bradford Angina Service’, to design and create a website that will provide a support service for Angina sufferers.

Users of the site will be able to browse freely through the various services and treatments on offer, Angina centres available, view other patient blogs/testimonials and range of other options that will help the patients live with angina.

Vasiliki Delimpasi, a design student from the University of Bradford designed the logo for the Angina service (image on left) and is now working on designing the graphics for the website. Speaking about working with the clients from the Bradford Angina Service and on the project as a whole she said:

''I enjoyed working with the Bradford Angina Service Team which is consisted of great doctors that specialize on angina, because their purpose is admirable and person centered since their goal is to help the best way they can people that suffer from this symptom. The project is fulfilling because it is about contributing to the medical society in order to actually make a difference and help other people who are just one click away from their doctor's advice.'’

Anna Laurika, a web developer student from the University said:

''It was an incredible experience to work on the Refractory Angina website. Thanks to the Working Academy, I got the opportunity to build and develop a strong professional portfolio- it was also good to know that I was doing something good for people who need support.''

The website is due to go live (ask for this information).