Big Screen Bradford live stream a success!

Posted on: 4th March 2014
Big Screen Bradford live stream a success!

In celebration of Pancake Day and following the recent success of the Valentine's Day event, the Big Screen Bradford team set out once again to encourage more public engagement with the Big Screen in Bradford's City Park.

The team were successful in screening a pancake making demonstration LIVE on the screen from Forster's Bistro; a restaurant that is situated below the screen.

Staff and apprentice chefs from Forster's Bistro cooked up their favorite pancake recipe's and a small audience gathered below the screen of people wanting to take home the best hints and tips.

Kevin Rogerson, assistant manager at Forster's, appeared on screen alongside the apprentice chefs, said:

''The apprentices had a really great time doing the broadcast and thoroughly enjoyed working with the Big Screen Team. I also had a fun time filming, and once the nerves surpassed I had a really great time. The apprentices were happy to appear on the Big Screen and the publicity proved a success, as we sold some pancakes at lunch time and the diners enjoyed watching..''.

Vytautas Aleksandras Rudys a DMWA member and a part of the Big Screen Team filmed the action. He said:

''It was a lot of fun with the added bonus of me been able to gain extra experience of broadcasting a live event''.